Spa Day

Nurturing Spa Day

at Ranch Runamuck Retreat

Prepare to receive the royal treatment and take a step toward your own health while networking with other wonderful women!

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Here are some of the activities offered during Spa Days at Runamuck Ranch. To see what is scheduled for a specific day see Upcoming Spa Days.

Herbal Foot Bath & Massage 

PAMPERED FEET FOR THE OUT STANDING! In massage and reflfoot-bathexology, our feet play a most important role in assisting all other organs in the body. We can relate to the importance of our feet after a long day on them, of course! They take in the day’s stress, suffer the discomfort of our shoes, get blisters, sweat, itch, swell, contact fungal conditions, and more. If you haven’t experienced some of these, count yourself among the rare indeed!  Here is when a relaxing, soothing herbal foot bath can relieve numerous symptoms and help deliver a total attitude change. Our Herbal Foot Bath includes: the aromatic, therapeutic herbs of lemon verbena, sage, and rose petals; chamomile for sore, swollen feet; dry oats to soften and soothe; tea tree oil, thyme, sage, and apple cider vinegar for their anti-fungal properties; the cooling properties of peppermint; lavender and Epsom salts to relax tired feet. (Many of these herbs were grown here on the Ranch and all are organic!) And, of course, we’ll finish it off with a good rub!

massageNeck, Shoulder, Back Massage

GET THE RELIEF YOU NEED! Massage is a tried and true, ancient mode of healing for a multitude of conditions. Massage is a general term for pressing, rubbing and manipulating your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Massage may range from light stroking to deep pressure. Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension and increasing circulation. Some studies have found massage may also be helpful for: anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia related to stress, myofascial pain syndrome, soft tissue strains or injuries, sports injuries, temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ). Beyond the benefits for specific conditions or diseases, some people enjoy massage because it often evokes feelings of caring, comfort and connection.

Your masseuse will treat you to a massage using our home made massage oil which contains organic herbs including: arnica, lavender, yarrow, white willow bark, calendula, lemongrass, St. John’s wort, chamomile and organic essential oils of helichrysum, peppermint, cedarwood, bergamot, lavender and camphor. This oil is designed to relieve pain and inflammation.

Card Readings with Cherilyn Naughton


Energetic Healings & Readings has been Cheriyln’s profession for many years. With professional psychic and energetic healing training, she uses a 52 card standard deck including the joker, and a system of card reading that she has developed over 40 years. She combines elements of the IChing, the Tarot and contemporary psychology. She will have you pull a card from the Crystal Ally Deck at the session’s end for personal mediation and contemplation. Her insights and experience as well as her intelligence and wit will put you right at ease and have you deeply engaged.

Visit her website, for further information.

Our consciousness is not limited to the boundaries of our blood and bones and skin. It freely and happily roams through the inner territories of our intentions and creations. Understanding who we are and what sort of power we possess as individuals is not only liberating, it is essential to our well being!”

buddahGuided Healing Visualization

with Su Lukasha

JOURNEYING TOWARD HEALTH! The power of the mind to influence the body is not only remarkable, but a longtime practiced therapy. Advocates of hypnotic suggestion and imagery contend that the imagination is a potent healer that has long been overlooked by practitioners of Western medicine. It is a modality for relieving pain, expediting healing and helping the body heal numerous physical and emotional conditions, including depression, impotence, allergies, grief, and asthma. Imagery is a tool used by the mind to communicate with the body. It is a language used by the brain to communicate with other organs in the body. Our mind processes through images, not words, thus, imagery is a powerful conduit. As the biological connection between the mind and body, it is extremely useful in mind body healing. Here you will be guided on a journey of wellness for body and mind — a wonderful way to close your day of nurturing and good health!

Chakra Balancing with Cherilyn Naughton

colouredchakraswithdescriptionsWorking with techniques learned from various disciplines, including the College of Psychotherapeutics, UK and Church of the Essence, Nevada City, Cherilyn helps clients with their grounding and with the alignment of their energy centers (Chakras). This process allows the energy generated by various Chakras to be balanced and better utilized by the body. It can also help identify issues of concern and probable available choices. An enhanced sense of awareness of one’s life purpose is not an uncommon experience.

downloadAstrology Reading with Dianna Rose

As above, So below…

 Ever wonder if there is anything to astrology and if so what it says about you and what you’re experiencing now?  You have the opportunity to have your natal astrological chart completed by astrologer Dianna Rose for an additional $50. You will need to email your name, birth date, time of birth (include am or pm) and the city and state of your birth at least 10 days prior to the event date.  The more precise the information, the more accurate the chart. Upon your arrival, you will be given a folder that includes your chart, and Dianna’s contact numbers and email, so you can schedule your consultation at your leisure, at home where it is quiet and private.

Astrologers use the study of the placement of the planets, asteroids and deep space points, etc., in the sky as a language and guidance system… much like studying cycles of nature on earth to know when to plant or when to harvest. Everything is connected. Everything is of and carries specific energies which tell a story.  Just as your blood can tell a story about things going on in the microcosm of your body and its systems that effect you on many levels, and just as the ants traveling up a fruit tree trunk tell you that the fruit is ready for harvest, so do the planets in the sky convey energies about particular cycles of our life on a planetary level, a personal level and transpersonal level. We are sensitive beings and we take in these energies.

Science is now able to measure the emanations from galactic events that come into the earth’s atmosphere. Some people have physical symptoms to solar flares, and pre-earthquake atmospheric changes. There is a correlation between solar activity and hurricane occurrences.  Nature moves in cycles. There is a connection between the movement of the planets in our solar system and the events that are playing out on earth and in turn to the events of our own lives. Wouldn’t it be helpful to understand what these clues are signaling to us? What cycles are coming in and leaving our life right now? Which cycles are the same for all of us and which are more specific to the individual?

We are made up of star dust and star light… The energies of the heavens speak to us and through us.
Dianna Rose is a practicing astrologer for over 25 years with an international client base. Her specialty is helping her clients gain a larger perspective regarding the events of their lives.

Water Aerobics & Swimming with Susan Wasikspa day pool ranch

Join in the wet, cool fun and get some exercise while doing so. (Or just relax and float!)

Remember the bees are out, so let us know if you are allergic to bee stings! (Don’t forget your swimsuit, sunscreen and towel!)

vegetarian buffetOrganic Garden to Table Buffet

As if everything you read above wasn’t enough… bring on the food and refreshments! Everything will be home made here on the Ranch and much of it grown here. Please let us know of any food allergies in advance.

In order to adequately serve everyone this is limited to 8 women, or 5 couples (on the Co-Ed dates), so RSVP, ASAP, click here to sign up now!