Equine Dentistry


kids n horsesI don’t think I’ve ever met a little girl who didn’t love horses or a little boy who didn’t want to “ride ’em cowboy”. Horses seem to touch hearts when nothing else can. Learning to ride instills confidence in the person. And children are no exception. It is just amazing to watch a young child bond and learn to trust a horse .
One thing you may never have associated with horses is dental work. That’s right! When horses are around 2 years or so they get what is referred to as “wolf teeth”. These K-9 type teeth need to be pulled. Then, as time goes on, horses teeth need to be “floated” meaning ground to an even level. As they chew their food, their teeth grind in an un-horse dental workeven manner and pretty soon they can’t chew all their food correctly. This can lead to digestive problems. So, horse dentists need to pay regular visits.

And I bet you didn’t know there were horse chiropractors. Absolutely! Just like people, horses sometimes need an alignment. They pull muscels, twists necks, fall, and suffer from all kinds of other stresses that a chiropractor can help with. It is quite a sight to see someone lift up a horse’s hind leg up above the rear and pull outward, and even more amazing to see what relief comes over the horse afterward.

Parents can call their local large animal vet and inquire as to when they might be floating teeth or doing chiropractic work on horses and take their kids to see it done… it is really interesting!

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