A Dog and Her Bird: Pals

For as long as I had my beloved lovebird, Rainbow Smiley Jr., he and our dog, Didimous (Didi, a Miniature Dachshund and Yorkie cross)  were been friends. They actually used to play together as if they were both little puppies. Rainbow would bite at Didi and Didi would raise her tiny paw up in the air and threaten to smash him. But when Didi had her puppies (see “Birth of the Puppies” story if you are curious), Rainbow would always be right there, ready to help out. The thing that fascinated us the most was that Didi actually let Rainbow clean the puppies. I mean actually preen them like birds do. Any other sane animal with babies would snap at or even kill the bird if it even got near the babies. But not our Didi. Even our cat, Yoda, didn’t try to hurt Rainbow. I mean, sure he eyed him a few times but never hurt him (see “Abandoned Kitty” story if you are curious about how we came to own this cat).


We felt bad about keeping Rainbow in a cage, so we frequently let him fly around the house. For over a year, we were unable to break him of eating house plants (and we had nearly 70 of them!) We didn’t want to keep him in a cage, so when we had to give my poor bird away, we gave it to a family with other birds and who could let him out without fear of him eating poisonous plants (as they didnt’ have house plants). We could tell Didi was heartbroken. Luckily we have a new dog to entertain little Dids (besides her pup, Daphne), but that’s another story entirely.

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