horses n kids learning balance 2Welcome to the Ranch; Our little piece of this wonderful blue ball we call home.

At Runamuck Ranch we have our share of excitement and each day is filled with the joy of planting, feeding, digging, and scratching out a life full of all the reminders of what it means to be a part of this beautiful planet.

Here you will find stories about life here at Runamuck, and information on upcoming events including our well-loved Spa Days! We believe in letting pretty much everything “runamuck” together: chickens, turkeys, ducks, guineas, cats, dogs, horses, goats, kids and the like, all interact freely for the most part.

We are avid organic gardeners, we love to can, dry or freeze everything, and we never met a flower we didn’t like! Though Dandelions make better wine than lawn (and the wine is not the best). We grow many of the medicinal herbs used in our herbal remedies for our herbal company, (HerbalMedRx.com) here on the ranch, and occasionally present a workshop on making herbal goodies or harvesting and drying.

On this website we hope to present favorite recipes, herbal remedies, and horses n kids stolling in the rivergeneral stories and photos of Ranch/Farm life. Some will be written by the kids, some by us, and some written by our guests, and you, hopefully, for us to share with our readers.

We have just begun this foray into the digital world so bear with us as we learn how to carry our adventures onto the net and share our stories of success, failure and plain ‘ol ranch silliness.

Join us for real accounts of the joy, love, heartache, @#$% shoveling, horseback riding, and everything else that comes with life on Runamuck Ranch.

Teaching ground work to TruCheck back often as we continue to post the troubles and triumphs, the toils and rewards, and the candid accounts of ranch life runamuck.

Ride On!

–The Runamuckers


11 thoughts on “Home

  1. Had a fabulous time at the last women’s retreat…. and I was working it !!! lol. Great women…magical space…delicious food..just a kick back day. Everyone left so relaxed and fulfilled. Can’t wait for the next one

    • Hi Carolyn, we have several events coming up. Check our “Upcoming Spa Days” for dates and times. Hope to see you there!

  2. What a lovely empowering, relaxing, energizing, and connecting time I had at the spa retreat last weekend! Every aspect of the spa retreat was filled with the freshest and most wholesome ingredients. From the ranch picked organic delights served at lunch or sipped as herbal teas, to the freshly gathered flowers and herbal ingredients in the spa treatments prepared by the caring and friendly owners, it was a wonderful memorable experience. Loved all the animals too! Can’t wait to return.

    • What a wonderful review! We have our 2018 Spa Dates up…
      and we will have a booth at the Sacramento Women’s Expo, October 28th. We will post that event and our booth number when we get it on Friday.
      Hope we see a lot of you soon!


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